Once again ZINCOMETAL S.A. leads the way

We go... Smart LED for street & urban lighting.

ZINCOMETAL S.A. remaining faithful to it’s philosophy for constant research and development proudly presents its ZINLUX luminaires –of street and urban lighting-with Smart LED technology, which operate without heatsink.

The outcome is a product which advocates energy saving, confirming our eco-friendly behavior. Moreover, thanks to our Smart LED technology it has an innovative automatic cooling system temperature control.

Let us be noted that we are the 1st and the only Greek company with certified luminaires production and ENEC certificate. 

At ZINCOMETAL S.A. we break new ground once again, since we:
  • Have created the 1st LED PCB with Smart LED technology, which is being used by ZINLUX luninaires of street and urban lighting, obtaining the quality standards that apply to all of our products. 
To be more specific:
  • The LED module is made of high quality special aluminium alloy. It has special cooling system which helps the effective heat management without heatsink in order to ensure the proper operation and to maximize the lifetime of LEDs.
  • The advantage of this module is the on-board thermal foldback, with active control of the maximum temperature of the module. So, in case of unexpected increase of LEDs temperature, the current is being reduced via the on-board dimming drivers of the LED PCB in order to prevent damage of the lighting source.
  • Low maintenance cost and quick-easy installation/maintenance through a special connector (easy plug).
  • Great variety of lighting distribution curves: Type II, Type III and Type V. Especially the distribution curve of Type V based on the luminaire installation height has a range cover of R = 15-20m!
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