hot-dip galvanizing unit

The company ZINCOMETAL S.A. being active in the domain of Steel Structures recognizes the importance of the hot-dip galvanizing which is the most effective treatment for the protection of steel against atmospheric conditions. Thus, it has installed and operates a modern hot-dip galvanizing unit which is the biggest in length in Balkan countries.

Company’s goals:
  • to support its own products intended for galvanizing
  • to galvanize products of other producers on a hire basis (facon)
The customers may take advantage of the experience, the know-how and the innovative technology which ZINCOMETAL offers for a flexible galvanizing process contract. 

The galvanization is according to National and European Standard EN ISO 1461, ASTM A123/A123M, ASTM A153/A153M. The company in order to achieve its goals concerning products/services with high quality and competitive prices but by being friendly to the environment, implemented strict rules according to Quality Assurance System ISO 9001 and according to Environment Assurance ISO 14001 - International Standards. It has been certified from QMSCERT.
Technical Characteristics
  • Length: 13000mm, Width: 850mm, Height: 1600mm
  • Zinc in use: 99,995% (Type PRIME WESTERN)
  • Automatisation: The bath of zinc, the warm-up, the flux, the cleaning are checked and regulated electronically.
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