industrial metal gratings

The passage of time a new “phenomenon” is noticed that more and more Mechanics (Architects, Civil engineers etc) try to use the structural materials in a different way by using in more and more applications such as industrial plants, civil constructions, architectural surroundings, road infrastructure, sport facilities, transportation etc. 

That’s why they ask something more Refined and Renewed but still Functional, Durable and Presentable.

The hellenic griglia industrial metal gratings depending upon their applications are distinguished in 2 categories:
  1. Horizontal (O)
  2. Vertical (V)
and in 3 types depending upon the way of interconnection between cross bars and bearing bars:
  • Forge welded / Electrowelded gratings with twisted or smooth round bars (GE).
  • Welded gratings with cross bars (GP).
  • Pressure locked gratingswith cross flat bars 10x2mm (GPR).
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