european standards EN 1317

The need for road safety systems on highways, such as road guardrails / safety barriers, is necessary and their presence has been demonstrated lifesaving.

The company ZINCOMETAL S.A. designs and manufactures road guardrails in total compliance with the European safety standard EN 1317.

The guardrails are divided in three (3) big categories:
Single sided road guardrails / Roadside barriers are used to protect traffic from roadside obstacles or hazards.

Double sided road guardrails / Median barriers are used to prevent vehicles from crossing over a median and striking an oncoming vehicle in a head-on crash.

Bridge parapets/barriers are designed to restrain vehicles from crashing off the side of a bridge.

Also, according to the EN 1317-2, the performance classes of its product are defined from the three (3) main criteria:
  • Containment level (N2, H1, H2, H4)
  • Working width (W) and
  • Impact Severity Level (A, B or C)
All ZINCOMETAL’s guardrails have level A performance, distinguished by values that provide greater safety for vehicle occupants.
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