Lithuania insists in ZINCOMETAL S.A.

Smart LED technology conquers the markets.

The market of Lithuania insists on ZINCOMETAL S.A. and continues to show a clear preference to our products. After the project with urban, traditional lighting luminaire of Smart LED technology we have just finished a new cooperation where the ZINLUX Corona LED lighting luminaire - that also uses Smart LED technology - were chosen.

The Corona LED luminaire is a product that provides energy saving, proving once again our eco - friendly attitude. Moreover, thanks to Smart LED technology by ZINCOMETAL S.A. we have an innovative automatic control system of temperature in order to avoid any possible damage of the luminaire.

Therefore it maximizes the lifetime of LEDs and minimizes the maintenance cost. Plus we ensure a smoother transition to Street lighting remote management.

ZINLUX Corona LED is a luminaire suitable for urban lighting (outdoor spaces, parks, squares etc.) which is manufactured according to Quality Standards from Notified European Bodies and have a CE, ENEC Certificate.

A luminaire that advocates and underlines the special architectural personality of the country. Let us not forget that the Old Town of the capital Vilnious, is considered a monument of international and historic heritage of UNESCO.

Besides, we are the 1st Greek company with certified luminaires production and ENEC Certification.

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